N° 43 / Avril 2019

Europe : réseaux en mouvement


  N° 42 / Décembre 2018

Ce que la marche fait à la danse


  N° 41  / Avril 2018

La danse japonaise en France


  N° 40 / Novembre 2017

La vidéo-danse à l'ère numérique


  N° 38-39/ Mars 2017

Danse et/au musée


  N° 37/ Juin 2016

Quelle revue pour la danse
en 2016 ?

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  N° 36 / Novembre 2015

quels projets pour l'enfance dans la danse ?

reperes35 visuel web 191x270px

  N° 35 / Avril 2015


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  N° 34 / Novembre 2014

Danses de l'écart et de la traversée


  n° 33 / April 2014


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  n° 32 / November 2013

De la douceur

magazine in french

  n° 31 / April 2013

 En studio
 La danse entre lieux et non-lieux

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n° 30 / November 2012


magazine in french

n° 29 / April 2012

Prendre des risques

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n° 28 / November 2011

Se souvenir de la danse

magazine in french

n° 27 / April 2011

La danse des costumes

magazine in french

n° 26 / November 2010

La danse en coulisses

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n° 25 / April 2010

Mettre en commun
- se rassembler, se ressembler ?

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n° 24 / November 2009

Corps de danseurs
- normes et inventions

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n° 23 / April 2009

Merce Cunningham
et la danse en France

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n° 22 / November 2008

Quelles cultures en danse ?

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n° 21 / April 2008

Le travail des danseurs

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n° 20 / November 2007

Danse et musique

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n° 19 / March 2007

Le danseur et l'émotion

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n° 18 / November 2006

Espaces de danse

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n° 17 / November 2006

Image du corps

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n° 16 / November 2005

Trois parcours
La danse et le rire

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n° 15 / March 2005

Danse et presse
Isadora Duncan

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n° 14 / October 2004

Danse et arts plastiques

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n° 13 / March 2004

Danse et sida

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n° 12 / November 2003

Danse baroque, danse africaine...


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n° 11 / March 2003

Parler de danse


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 Repères, cahier de danse is a 32-page twice-yearly journal which comes out in mid-April and mid-November.

Since March 2003, the Val-de-Marne CDC has made the choice to publish a journal which thinks and talks dance, focusing on issues involved in dancers’ work. Interviews, texts by artists and researchers, analyses of works and workshops, historical studies, sociological studies and other approaches and subjects fill its pages.

Repères, cahier de danse is a new form of the journal Adage, which had been published up until 1995 by the Val-de-Marne Biennale nationale de danse.

The journal discusses many different subjects and provides space to researchers and artists from infinite horizons. Members of the editorial committee come primarily from outside the CDC team, and the readership covers every aspect of the world of dance. Content aims to provide readers with information and tools for understanding, thinking and communicating dance.


Etuis-RepresThe Teachers and public relations people use Repères, cahier de dance in their outreach work. Artists see it as a way to pursue their thinking in another form; the public, and those working and doing research on dance delve into new questions and new ways to understand choreographic creation.