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Métamorphoses - EU project 2012-2014

Métamorphoses is a 2-yr EU Culture Programme funded project led by La Briqueterie-CDC du Val-de-Marne in partnership with Les Brigittines- Centre d'Art contemporain (Belgium) and Centrum Kultury Zamek (Poland). At the heart of the project are three places steeped in history which have been converted in arts centres devoted to dance and movement, inhabiting neighbourhoods undergoing profound transformation.  

Métamorphoses takes religion, work and political power as the points of departure for carrying out an artistic research on the theme of transformation, which communities are invited to join in, regardless of their cultural or social backgrounds.

The project has invited three European choreographers, selected after a far-reaching call for projects, to create three new productions on the theme of transformation; each of them is produced and presented in all three venues. Multi-disciplinary artists and a film-maker will work on parallel projects throughout the entire duration of the project.  Encounters and seminars will be organised to open up the reflection in a European dimension. Three focus festivals will mark the end of the project. Free entrance to the festival events will allow for a wider sharing between artists and audience.

 Selected artists


Karine Ponties/Cie Dame de Pic (Belgium)

• Dominika Knapik/Harakiri Farmers (Poland)

• Dario La Stella/Senza Confini di Pelle (Italy)

The choreographic works are designed to stimulate reflection and a transnational artistic production around the three project’s themes: religion, power and work. Each artist has been commissioned to offer his/her own artistic interpretation of one of these axes.

In-situ projects

• Animatornia (Poland)

• O.S.T.  Oiseaux Sans Tête (Belgium)

• Wandertag (France)

Each participative project see artists and the local community working together; an opportunity to start up a dialogue between the inside (the art centre) and the outside (the community). Three collectives, one per each country, have been selected to engage with the local community in a different country from their own. The Belgian collective works in Poland, the Polish in France and the French in Belgium.

Video maker

• Clotilde Amprimoz (France)

A video maker responds artistically to the project themes through an audiovisual production, half-way between a dance video and a fiction-documentary. Running time: 26 mins.

3 Focus Festival
free entry to all events

22 to 26 April

in the Brigittines at Bruxelles
programme: here

13 to 17 May
in Zamek Culture Centre at Poznań
programme: here

11 to 15 June
in la Briqueterie at Vitry-sur-Seine
programme: here


Métamorphoses's blog : here



 with support from
the EU Culture Programme

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