Migrant Bodies -  2013-2015 

Migrant Bodies uses artistic and cultural tools to open up a civil reflection on migrations and the cultural impact and differences they bring, seen as sources of values and richness for the whole European and Canadian societies.

Migrant Bodies is a 2-year collaborative project (2013-2015) involving:
 Comune di Bassano del Grappa - Italy
- La Briqueterie-CDC du Val-de-Marne - France
- Circuit-Est - Quebec
- The Dance Centre - British Columbia
- HIPP The croatian Institute for Dance and Movement -


The project does so by inviting 16 artists (5 choreographers/dancers, 5 writers, 5 visual artists and one senior dance artist) from three European countries and two Canadian states to carry out two years of research on migrations and the social and cultural changes that migrations generate in local societies, in order to produce works to be staged in established and renowned venues, or in site specific locations, and to portray new forms of identity of the migrant bodies to the wider possible audience.

This research is opened up in several ways: by community meetings, meetings with immigrated communities, communities of migrants, audiovisual outputs touring among the partner cities, a web platform for artists and critics.

A final international symposium and the Migrant Bodies online catalogue of the project, which will collect the documentation of the experience, evaluate and disseminate the final outcomes of the project

 Residency 2014

1st-10 July : Bassano

12-20 July: Zagreb

6-24 October: Montréal

17-26 November: Vancouver

8-18 December: Vitry-sur-Seine

Residency 2015

9-19 February: Vancouver

11-21  March: Vitry-sur-Seine

22-24 May: Montréal

11-14 June: Zagreb

29 June to 4 July: Bassano

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 with support from
the EU Culture Programme