Val-de-Marne - Conducive to dance
The French County “Val-de-Marne” has long placed culture at the very centre of its territorial projects. The Briqueterie-CDC du Val-de-Marne seeks at all times to find a collective approach that brings together people from the county level, the national level and the Île-de-France regional level, working together at each step of the way.
On the county scale, collaboration with partner theatres is one of the keystones of the La Briqueterie project.
The objective is to pave the way for choreographic creation to develop and grow in every way shape and form, and to be performed for ever-widening audiences. La Briqueterie accompanies the artists and works circulate in different venues throughout the county. This entails some twenty partner theatres in the Val-de-Marne. The concept of partner cities is also taking root, and some towns have already shown keen interest.
There is ongoing, growing exchange with the County contemporary art museum, the MAC/VAL, which has presented original choreographic works and introduced cross-fertilization with other art forms, in particular the visual arts.
la Briqueterie  -  Major milestones

- The brick-making company “Les Briqueteries de Gournay” is founded.

1966 - The brickworks closes its doors.

1995 - The Mécalix firm no longer locates its offices on the site of La Briqueterie (1953 – 1995).

Janvier 2002 - The Val-de-Marne General Council decides in favour of a site dedicated to contemporary dance.

2005 - The DRAC and the Ile-de-France region became partners of the General Council for the Briqueterie-Val-de-Marne Choreographic Development Centre within the framework of the National-Regional projects contract. The architectural competition is awarded to Philippe Prost.

Mars 2013 - Inauguration of La Briqueterie-Val-de-Marne Choreographic Development Centre

La briqueterie - visuel

photos : Luc Boegly