Loïc Perela, SENSES
France - 2015 - 43 minutes

Friday 25th of september at 2.30pm
Professionals only
Piscine - MAC de Créteil

SENSES is an attempt to embrace the human senses as the elements that bind us human beings. In this fast and rapidly changing world, where agendas dictate our lives, we seem to keep longing for more without really knowing why. Can we slow down and pay attention to what surrounds us?
With SENSES, Loïc Perela challenges the dancers and the audience to (re-)discover the natural functions of our body to embrace our surroundings.
In SENSES, we see genuine people on stage, open and transparent, sometimes fragile. We are watching highly skilled performers, trained by Perela to be physical, tangible, challenging and open on stage. The choreography becomes invisible and transforms into merely the carrier of something greater: a sense of shared experience between human beings, including performers and audience members.

In partnership with

Loïc Perela

Loïc Perela (FR/NL) studied at the École Nationale Supérieure de Danse in Marseille and the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Danse in Paris. He danced for Europa Danse, IT Dansa, Donlon Dance Company and Scapino Ballet Rotterdam. For Scapino Ballet Rotterdam he created Craquer la Peau (2010) and Par la main (2011) among other works. Since 2012 Perela has been working as an independent choreographer. His work focuses on questioning the human condition. According to Perela, where our bodies separate us physically, our energies bind us all together. Both elements - body and energy, are therefore crucial tools for Perela to craft his creations. With the generous support of Dansateliers he created FEAR (2013), DANCE (co-produced by Conny Janssen Danst, 2013) and SENSES (2015).

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Choreography Loïc Perela
Dancers  Bilal Bachir, Gaetano Badalamenti,
Cassidy Carbine, Arina Lannoo, Johannes Lindh

Music  Eluvium
Design/Sound  Ilya Ziblat
Light Edwin van Steenbergen
Costumes  Bettina Keller, label fORS
Dramaturgy Merel Heering
Photo © Charlotte Brand




SENSES is a Dansateliers production created with the support of the municipality of Rotterdam, the Performing Arts Fund NL and Centro per la Scena contemporanea Bassano del Grappa.
Financed by Het Fonds voor de Podiumkunsten et la ville de Rotterdam.