Noëlle Simonet et Raphaël Cottin, Signatures
France - 2015 - 50 minutes

Saturday 26th of september at 6pm
Open session
Studio Scène - La Briqueterie

Noëlle Simonet and Raphaël Cottin have created a work with three major elements - exploring space, the tracks left by journeys and walking – comprising the choreographic matter. 

The two performers on stage dialogue with the setting designed and drawn by artist Etienne Guiol who has approached it like a true six-handed “choreo–graphic” composition. Dance, video and light, together, ceaselessly transform the space, which is like modelling clay and can be perceived in many different ways.
Their compositions are inspired by the use of space as forged by 3 major 20th-century choreographers: Doris Humphrey, Merce Cunningham and Lucinda Childs.
Traversing their compositions, exploring the tracks they have left in space and drawing inspiration from them has given rise to their own choreographic signature.
“The composition is drawn with series of patterns, of developments and of variations on elementary actions related to the presence of and to the fact of occupying space.”


 association ARTDIR – compagnie LABKINE

Coproductions Maison de la Musique : Cap découverte - SMAD de Carmaux (81), Scène Nationale d’Albi (81)
Centre chorégraphique national de Tours – Thomas Lebrun (37)
With the support DRAC Midi-Pyrénées dans le cadre de l’aide au projet 2015.



Noëlle Simonet has danced with the companies of the Angers Ballet Théâtre Contemporain , the Ballet Théâtre Français in Nancy, and the Théâtre du silence where she met many renowned choreographers and danced their works. She has a degree in analysis and composition of movement, (Laban system) with Jacqueline Challet-Haas.
In 1997 she founded the Compagnie Labkine to promote the dissemination of works from the contemporary dance repertory, teaching tools and creations based on Laban Movement Analysis. Her objective is to raise the awareness of the general public and of dancers of these works. She has been teaching the Laban method at the Paris Conservatoire since 1999.
With and through the Compagnie Labkine, she contributes to the development of a thriving repository of contemporary dance through the reconstruction of repertory works and their diffusion and the creation of choreographic works based on notation. She also created the books/DVD #01 Le croquis de parcours in 2013 and #02 transferts and tours in 2015, teaching tools to understand, analyse and explore Kinetography Laban works.

Choreography, interpretation
Noëlle Simonet et Raphaël Cottin
Vidéo/draws Etienne Guiol
Animated skatches  Perrine Moisan
Lights  Thierry Charlier
Sound creation  Mathis Hauray




Raphaël Cottin started dance in 1987 then studied at the Paris CNSMD, first in classical dance then in contemporary dance. Choreographer, researcher and movement notater (Kinetography Laban), he combines his many skills and develops projects within his company, La Poétique des Signes.
In 2014, he created, with his company, Ein Körper im Raum – a body in space, a solo questioning the concepts developed by Rudolf Laban and his peers in the early 1900’s. Also in 2014, the Festival d’Avignon and the SACD propose collaboration with author and actor Pierre Meunier for the Sujets à vif. Together they created the Buffet à Vif, 30 minutes of performance around a piece of furniture…




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