Sun-A Lee, Waves
Corée/France - 2010 -  25 minutes

Friday 25th of September -  4pm45
Professionals only
Satellite -  MAC de Créteil

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Sun-A Lee
has just attracted attention as “Dame oiselle" ("Lady Bird", Agnès Izrine) in Luc Petton''s Light Bird. But this is the first time that she is dancing in a company production. She is known in Europe for her own solo choreographies. Sun-A Lee is now based in Paris.

She won several awards at the Masdanza competition in Spain, including 2007 for her solo Performing Dream and 2011 with Waves, another solo production. This was followed in 2012 by Touch!
She has since created several shorter pieces and is now heading for a 50' piece. Meanwhile, she has transmitted Waves to Grenade, the dance company of Josette Baïz for Welcome, a full-evening programme featuring excerpts of works by Germaine Acogny, Blanca Li, Dominique Hervieu and more. Welcome, in which Waves is explosively danced by a quintet, is currently on tour and gives Lee's work additional visibility.


Solo  Sun-A Lee
Photo © Bang Sung Jin