Kubilai Khan investigations
Siyin - solo Sara Tan
France - 2015 -  30 minutes

Friday  25th of  september at 5.30pm
For professionals only
Satellite - MAC de Créteil

Established more than 19 years and with 20 creations performed in France and more than 40 countries, Kubilai Khan investigations is recognized as a creative platform with many facets, a source of artistic dynamism of both local and international scale. From the coasts of Mozambique right across to the bay of Tokyo, sliding from one time zone to another, activating the transversal natures of artistic languages and questioning cultural issues. 
Artistic projects never cease to question the mutations of our space/world, probing the depths of the transformations in progress, observing the continuous emergence of reality and its representations through the encounters between arts, territories and people. An international dynamics is experienced through the shows on tours and furthermore during the numerous residences and creations in the different locations (up to now many works have been created, rehearsed and shown beyond our borders collaborating with artists in Japan, Ghana, Mozambique, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Bulgaria and Poland).

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By promoting the "two-way" perspective, facilitating crossovers between local involvement and international projects, Kubilai Khan has been able to fully develop synergy with those encounter groups, multiplying points of view and enabling different visions and spoken thoughts thus to contribute by being present within and across diversified territories. Journeying, coming closer to others in the “use of the world” as Nicolas Bouvier has said. This “two-way” perspective allows us to develop within several towns in France and our foster home, Toulon and its region, this momentum of opportunities by instigating many performances for public spaces. Totally new forms, journeys, pathways drawn up on site, all inviting the public to renew its vision of society and the places we occupy in our towns.

At a time when many networks cross each other, strategic crossroads of movement, transfers and ultra-rapid mobility in this world of many poles continuously redefining itself, these dynamics of journeying remain for us a privileged terrain from which we can observe the processes of modernization as they become even more transitory, changeable and unpredictable, from where it is also possible to observe and listen to the new uses and faces of the future.


Choreography  Frank Micheletti
Dancer  Sara Tan
Musicians Frank Micheletti
Light creation  Michel Vigna
Photo © Benoit Chapon

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