Australia - 2014 - 20 minutes

Saturday 26th of september -  12am and 5pm
Open session
Studio Ouest - La Briqueterie

Aiken’s work takes a plunge into the realms of metaphor at its most absurd and most obvious. Developed as part of ongoing research, Aiken’s piece navigates the body and surrounding objects in relation to the social constructs that operate between them including costume and representational movement. Exploring the absurd & representational, the piece aims to repeatedly shift the audience’s readings of simple objects and the body interacting with them. Three Short Dances plays with the tension between the sublime and the ridiculous, developing poignancy through absurdity and creating pathos with irony.

Presented in partnership with Dancehouse Australia


and with the support of  Keir Foundation

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Sarah Aiken is a Melbourne based dancer, choreographer and teacher. Sarah draws inspiration from choreographic and somatic practices, travel, conceptual and visual arts and pursues an ongoing interest in how and what we value, utilizing dichotomies and clashes, aiming to create poignancy through absurdity.

Sarah is a recipient of Australia Council for the Arts ArtStart and of Ian Potter Cultural Trust Fund grants. She has spent time developing her practice and creating work in France and Germany.

Choreographer and dancer Sarah Aiken
Music Daniel Arrnott

Photo © Gregory Lorenzutti






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Price per day 12€
Price - 12 years old 5€

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