Cie Massala - Fouad Boussouf
France - 2015 -  25 minutes   

Saturday 25th of September -    12.20pm
Professionals only
Piscine - MAC de Créteil

Esperluette explores my choreographic path in a new way; it’s a sphere which weaves together hip-hop, new circus and live music.
There is humour, a dancer-and-musician duo in a round and supple encounter between two children at heart. This opposition between Roue Cyr and guitar gives rise to an atmosphere of children’s games based on organic rules.
Guitar played on stage generates living, poetic ambiance. Notes from jazz, rock and a dash of Spanish rhythm are the result of our romanticized memories.
Fascinating, hypnotic La Roue Cyr creates connection in this special space. The visual roundness and vibrating strings tinge the audience’s senses.
Esperluette comes across as a poetic reminiscence of our childhoods, of the growing awareness of our creativity stimulated by our own curiosity.

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Fouad Boussouf
Choreographer, dancer and teacher, he has trained in many different types of dance, in particular contemporary dance, all the while advancing hip-hop dance technique, his preferred discipline. This path has led to resolutely modern choreographic investigations somewhere between hip-hop and contemporary dance. Ever curious, and allergic to being labelled one way or another, Fouad Boussouf does not limit himself to a single register of dance. His career and his creations testify to his inclination to mix styles, to build by bringing together different techniques and performers working with his own personal compositions.

Choreographer Fouad Boussouf
Dancer Julien Seijo
Musician Nicolas Perrin
Light Creation Rodolphe Villevieille

Photo © Estela Sanz