La.Pe.A / Aude Lachaise, En souvenir de l'Indien
France - creation 2015 

Thursday  24th  and friday 25th of september at 8.30pm
CDC Atelier de Paris -Carolyn Carlson

I continue to explore the figure of the choreographer and work.
The choreographer is a worker like any other.
Our relation to work, which predominates in our lives and can even cause conflict, crystallizes many of our deep-seated questions involving our relation to the world, to the group, to our fellow man. This made me want to create a political work focusing on the relation with the group and with power.
When I first started thinking about this project my thoughts turned to the figure of a positive leader, a person capable of making his/her staff happy and bringing out the best in them, all pulling together on the project. I wanted to solve that equation by asking myself what had to be contributed in terms of the framework, of the way of communicating, etc...
However when I began to work on it, the emphasis shifted to the morbidity, the ego, the tension and the ambiguous behaviours that came out, and that we have with respect to ourselves and to work. And I wanted to explore this; I wanted to actually face up to the drama, while keeping my own personal tone which is one of ironic, detached humour.”

Aude Lachaise

Production La.Pe.A / Aude Lachaise
Co-productions Theater Aan Zee, Oostende ; A-CDC : Art Danse - CDC Dijon Bourgogne, CDC Atelier de Paris-Carolyn Carlson - CDC en préfiguration, La Briqueterie - CDC du Val-de-Marne, Le Cuvier-CDC d’Aquitaine, L’échangeur - CDC Picardie, Le Gymnase I CDC Roubaix - Nord Pas de Calais, Le Pacifique I CDC - Grenoble, Pôle Sud - CDC Strasbourg en préfiguration, CDC Toulouse
/ Midi -Pyrénées, CDC Uzès Danse ; Le Vivat, Scène Conventionnée Danse et Théâtre d’Armentières ; Les Tréteaux de France, Centre Dramatique National, Pantin.


Aude Lachaise lives in Paris. After an undergraduate degree in German from the University Rennes II and time at the Conservatory in Rennes, Aude Lachaise followed the ex.e.r.ce training in 2000 at the National Choreographic Centre in Montpellier. She has performed highly different registers for choreographers such as Estzer Salamon, Robyn Orlin, Félix Rückert, Nathalie Pernette and Olga Mesa. Aude Lachaise also works with song and performance and created Les Vraoums girls’ band with Maeva Cunci, Virginie Thomas and Pauline Curnier-Jardin. In 2010, she created and performed a solo, Marlon, a monologue on desire, and won the 2011 KBC JONG THEATER PRIJS bestowed by the Theater aan Zee festival in Ostend. The text was published by Lansman Editeur.
Working with Michaël Allibert she created La Fille, for the Sujet à Vif events during the 2012 Festival d’Avignon.
Her areas of interest focus on questions of textual writing that she seeks to bring to the stage using her choreographic tools. One upcoming project, En Souvenir de l’Indien, continues to develop the relation between text and choreography.


Text  Aude Lachaise

Choreography Aude Lachaise
Aude Lachaise, Gilles Nicolas, 
Nicolas Martel,  Guillaume Léglise
Music Guillaume Léglise
Lights  Sylvie Garot
Scenography  Sallahdyn Khatir

With the support of
 Mains d’Oeuvres, St-Ouen ; Micadanses, Paris ; Le Théâtre des Bergeries, Noisy-le-Sec ; Centre National de la Danse, Pantin ; T2G, Théâtre de Gennevilliers. Et l’aide à l’écriture Beaumarchais / SACD.
Les prémices de ce projet ont bénéficié d’une résidence de recherche à L’L, Bruxelles


With the help of ’Arcadi Île-de-France /
Dispositif d’accompagnements.



 -  19H 

 La Briqueterie-CDC du Val-de-Marne and 
the CDC Atelier de Paris - Carolyn Carlson
invite you to meet : 


Free Cartoucherie Shuttle
 Métro Château de Vincennes (exit 6) 
it starts at 6.30pm



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Aude Lachaise, En souvenir de l'Indien 

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