Camille Ollagnier, Les garçons sauvages
Solo for Alexandre Bibia
C’était l’heure où l’essaim de rêves malfaisants tord sur leurs oreillers les bruns adolescents
France - 2013 - 13 minutes

Saturday 26th of  September - 4pm
Open session
Jardin -
La Briqueterie

Les Garçons Sauvages is a series of twelve solos for male dancers, danced by twelve different boys. Solos designed for them, written for them by one and the same choreographer. All separate and independent, al l conversing.
The accumulation of these forms gives rise to an infinite variety of configurations (1,302,061,144): together or separately, in twos, in threes, all twelve… There is no order. There is no disorder. Les Garçons Sauvages is an invitation to freely explore the combinations of these bodies, and to walk the tightrope of desire which leads from one male dancer to the other, from one solo to the next.
Fragmented masculinity danced in a story, Les Garçons Sauvages is a collection of perceptible feelings.


Coproduction CDC Paris-Réseau (75), micadanses
(75), Studio Le Regard du Cygne (75), SACD,
Association Beaumarchais (75), Mairie de Cournon
d’Auvergne – La Coloc’ de la Culture (63), L’Etoile
du Nord (75)
Avec le soutien des Journées Danse Dense (93),
du CND Pantin (93), de Danse-Perspective (14),
du Point Ephémère (75)
Cie&co. est soutenue par le Ministère de la Culture
et de la Comunication / DRAC Ile-de-France au titre
de l’aide au projet




Camille Ollagnier
began classical dance when very young then decisively turned to contemporary dance, entering the Paris Conservatoire Supérieur de Danse where he discovered choreographic composition in the improvisation and composition classes conducted by Christine Gérard. He experimented with many choreographic practices that were always for other dancers and never wanted to put himself on stage, thus forging a choreographic direction rather than a dancer-performer practice.
Upon leaving in 2006, he decided to create his own dance company to have performed what he would like to see on stage. In March 2007, Christine Gérard invited him to take part in a carte blanche at the Théâtre de Vanves. There he created proskénion and a first excerpt of Sub Rosa a work done in entirety in 2008, again at the Théâtre de Vanves as part of the Artdanthé festival. In December 2010, he finished his second creation, à rebours (countdown).
Between 2008 and 2013, Camille worked as choreography assistant, personal assistant, administrator, dancer and stage manager for Andy De Groat. Simultaneously, he expanded his videodance work and took over the direction of several advertising and musical clips. The video Almageste created jointly with Yohan Zeitoun and Marion Pouliquen won first prize at the 2013 International Festival in Denmark.
Camille is currently dancing in the La collection Lise B. project, a performance installation by Fabrice Dugied based on the archives of the journalist Lise Brunel.




Choreography Camille Ollagnier
Interpretation  Alexandre Bibia
Music Henry Purcell, Musique pour les funérailles de la Reine Mary - Prince, Kiss

Photo © Quentin Balpe




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