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Luís Guerra, Fog
Portugal - 2015 - 40 minutes

Friday 25th of September - 3.30pm
Professionals only
Petit salle - MAC de Créteil


As we enter the space there is already hypnotic music playing. We can guess that there's a wall in the background or maybe a smaller stage than usual.
When the lights go down on our side, another space is revealed. Behind the wall four dancers move speedily, virtuosically. Their dancing is at times mechanical, at times lustful.
Someone seems to have pressed the fast forward button. They are half naked. And then...

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Produced till 2014 by Bomba Suicida
Supported by PACT Zollverein, DeVIR/
CaPa, Centro Cultural do Cartaxo & Materiais Diversos, EDIFÍCIO - Fórum Dança
& O Rumo do Fumo and O Espaço do Tempo

Luis Guerra attended the National Dance Conservatory in Lisbon, Portugal from the age of nine. During his final years there he began performing with Rui Horta and since then has worked with various choreographers, directors, bands and filmmakers: Simon Vincenzi, Emio Greco | PC, Hugo Vieira da Silva, Ballet Gulbenkian - Marie Chouinard, Urssa Severa, Paulo Ribeiro, Clara Andermatt, Christophe Haleb, Manuel Guerra, Shan Ng Pui, Elisabete Magalhães, Aquela Xana Productions, Bruna Carvalho, João Garcia Miguel & Miguel Moreira, MimicalKix, Marlene M. Freitas, Félix Lozano, José Laginha, António da Silva, Luiz Antunes, and Sérgio Diogo Matias. He collaborates regularly with choreographer Tânia Carvalho and his performance in her 2010 work Falling Eyes was highlighted by Dance Europe Magazine.


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Directed and choreographed by Luís Guerra
Performed by Jâcome Filipe, Lander Patrick,
Luís Guerra and Teresa Silva

Music composed by Ulrich Estreich
Lights designed by Zeca Iglésias
Produced by Luís Guerra