Meytal Blanaru, Aurora
Israël/Belgium - 2014 - 15 minutes

Saturday 26th of  September at  5.20pm
Open session
Jardin - La Briqueterie

In this refined and honest solo, Meytal Blanaru searches for a raw place. She asks – how much of who we are comes from within us, and how much is carved by society's norms?
Delving deeper into these questions, she was inspired by stories of feral children that spent the first few years of their lives with no human contact; either raised by animals or secluded by abusive parents. Many of these children developed unique ways of moving and expressing themselves while in isolation.



Creation and performance Meytal Blanaru
Music Noam Dorembus​
Costume Yaarit Eliyahu

Photo © Leif Pinos Firnhaber

All about the artist : here

Born in Israel, Meytal Blanaru is a Brussels based dancer, choreographer and teacher. Since moving to Europe in 2009, she has worked with Lisi Estaras in Les ballets C de la B, Damien Jalet in Eastman Dance Company, Samuel Lefeuvre, Roberto Olivan, Martin Kilvady and Clara Furey.
Since 2008, Meytal has been developing a personal, ongoing movement research. She uses the Feldenkrais method as a base for her work, inspiration, and her approach to the action of learning. This research is the foundation of her solo and collaborative choreographic work.
In spring 2015, Meytal will choreograph her first group piece, commissioned by SEAD - Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance.

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